Sometimes you need help from a knowledgable beekeeper to re-home honey bees

who pick inconvenient locations for their colony


  • Swarm Removal: involves re-homing honey bees who’ve clustered on bushes, in trees, a mailbox, a fence, the sidewalk, or even in the middle of a road, etc. into hive boxes to be managed using natural beekeeping methods.
  • Extractions: involves removing a honey bee colony from inside a structure (as pictured above). Every extraction is unique and may require additional contracted work to repair the structure.
  • Hive Management: sometimes you want to have honey bees on your property, but feel overwhelmed by the management of regular hive inspections and/or sticky situations that may arise.
  • Educational Presentations: we bring an observation hive and share the wonder of honey bees during an interactive presentation with audiences of all ages. Add-ons such as honey tastings are available.
  • Apitherapy: modalities from the honey bee used to bring the body back into balance.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA + Beyond

Additional travel fees may apply

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